Some Useful Rates

Weekly Benefit
Basic Retirement Pension
Single person£113.10£110.15
Child Benefit
First eligible child£20.50£20.30
Each subsequent child£13.55£13.40
Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
Average weekly earnings £111 or over (2013/14 £109)£87.55£86.70
Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
90% of average weekly payFirst 6 weeksFirst 6 weeks
Lower of £138.18 (2013/14 £136.78) or 90% average weekly earnings
Minimum rate£99.90£98.10
Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP)39 weeks39 weeks
Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP)*2 weeks2 weeks
Both SAP and SPP
Lower of £138.18 (2013/14 £136.78) or 90% average weekly earnings
Minimum rate£99.90£98.10
*Additional statutory paternity pay (ASPP) may be available in certain circumstances.
Jobseeker’s Allowance
Single person (25 or over)£72.40£71.70
Couple (both 18 or over)£113.70£112.55
National Minimum Wage**From 1 October 2014From 1 October 2013
21 and over£6.50 p.h.£6
18 – 20£5.13 p.h.£5.03 p.h.
16 and 17£3.79 p.h.£3.72 p.h.
Apprentices**£2.73 p.h.£2.68 p.h.
*Rate applies to apprentices under 19, or those 19 and over in the first year of apprenticeship.
Universal Credit (monthly rates)
Single person (25 or over)£314.67£311.55
Couple (where one or both 25 or over)£493.95£489.06

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