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When it comes to sorting out the tax affairs of our clients we like to start at the very beginning – is your tax code correct, have you been assessed properly, was your last tax return accurate? Sloane Winckless & Co are specialist tax accountants who can you save you time & money.

Don’t risk over or underpaying tax, talk to us and get it the right first time, every time.

Don’t risk getting it wrong – call us today

If you pay too little tax you face the prospect of serious penalties in the future. In extreme cases there may even be legal consequences.

Don’t get tax wrong – contact Sloane Winckless & Co today and talk about tax with us.


Lots of people do – it’s just as easy to pay too much tax as it is to pay not enough.

Make sure that you pay what’s right, no more no less.


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Local tax experts

We are ready to take your call and help you to get your tax affairs in order.

This is one call you shouldn’t put off – there are serious penalties in place for those who are late in submitting their tax return or in paying the right amount of tax.

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